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You can use our whistleblower scheme to report serious or questionable matters relating to TeeShoppen.

The whistleblower scheme is designed to receive information relating to the following matters:

  • - Bribery/Corruption

  • - Violation of policy/procedure

  • - Conflict of interest

  • - Discrimination

  • - Fraud

  • - Health/Safety/Environment

  • - Sexual harassment and assault

  • - Unethical conduct

  • - Theft

  • - Bullying

  • - Other serious violations

The scheme is to be used to bring to light matters that would otherwise not have come to our attention. 

Reports can be made confidentially with the provision of your name and contact information, or you can choose to report anonymously. In the menu under "Whistleblower Policy", you can read more about the framework for using our scheme. 

You can obtain information about the handling of your personal data in the whistleblower scheme under the "Privacy Policy" section. You can read more about what you should be aware of in this regard under the "Anonymity" section above.

Follow-up on your report may be relevant for several reasons:

  1. 1. You want to see the status of your report to verify if further processing has occurred.

  2. 2. The whistleblower unit has requested further information from you.

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